Saturday, September 10, 2011

ft bridger

Epic is the only way to explain how amazing Fort Bridger was this year.

Do you ever have moments in your life where everything isn't necessarily perfect but completely perfect in it's own way? And you wish someone was recording it so you could remember every little detail?

Setting up camp in wind gusts as high as 50+ mph. Hilarious.

The fact we mis-measured our tent miserably and got a tarp 3 times too big.

Watching in awe as my Grandma Glenna totally kicked camping in the butt. What a trooper.

Playing duck-duck-goose, hide and seek, tag and so many other fun games with my nieces and nephews.

Getting to spend time with family that lives far away.

Listening to Lili say "I love you, Aunt Nanny! I love you, Aunt Nanny!" over and over and over. To which I'd reply, "I love you, Lili bug!!"

Laying next to my Grandma, listening to her sing some of her old favorite songs and talk about all the wonderful things to come. It was one of the most special things and I may or may not have soaked her pillow with silent tears.

Being able to steal some one-on-one time with my sexy, funny, breath-takingly perfect husband.

Did I mention he's a stud?

And I'm his wifey.

Talking about perhaps running away and starting a farm and growing a garden that we live off of...maybe some cows and chickens, and just being completely self sufficient and secluded from all the worldly hustle and bustle.

I could live in house like this...

Not to mention just relaxing and enjoying the breeze and peace of living in the "wild."

Cuddling and talking all night trying to stay warm.

Admiring the way Matthew plays with his nieces and nephews. He's going to be an amazing father some day.

Remembering all my past Fort Bridger memories, running and playing games in the gazebo and fields with my friends and family.

Staying up so late the last night roasting marshmallows, singing song after song, laughing and joking, playing games like "When I cross the plains...", cooking peach cobbler (realizing how delicious said cobbler was and starting a completely new batch) and devouring it completely, and then finally going to bed to have the best nights rest ever.

The amazing food that's to be eaten. Both sold and made. You never go hungry.

The sweet sorrow that comes with the end of a perfect trip.

I wish I'd been able to take more pictures. I love my family so much and I hope I always remember the special moments we spend together.

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  1. In the words of Artene, "She did some good photo-doing." Hahaha!