Tuesday, July 26, 2011

roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

Basically summer-time-blogging and I just don't get along. Frankly, and I will be frank, I'd much rather be outside riding my bike, lounging at the pool, getting sunburned feet at the beach and so many other fantastically lazy activities. Can you have a lazy activity?...maybe...yes!

Let me sum up our summer (so far) for you.

1. We went to San Francisco. Yes. With the soybean. We like our pets to be well rounded. *Sarcasm*

2. Mom and Stefen came to visit! We showed them all the wonders of SB and they fell in love.

3. Matt and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary. Woot! Go us!

4. We went to Utah! Gosh, we missed my family.

5. Stefen moved out to California with us. He'll be here until the end of Aug.

6. I got a job! And I'm thrilled that I get to work from home and have such flexible hours!

7. (most of) My family came to visit us in California! Which of course meant Disney Land. Which of course meant churro's. Mmmm, delish.

8. Jesse's 1 year death anniversary. Miss you brother!

9. The North Carolina Bartlett's came to visit! Oh, how I love my adorable nieces!

10. We went back to Utah again for Matt's brother's wedding. Congratulations Zack and Jen!!

So far this summer has been, what I would call, a success! Meaning we're alive! We're happy! We're healthy! We've also grown a lot too. Something Matt and I have discussed is that we always want to be progressing and looking for ways we can improve and do better. And after typing that, it totally sounds like a bummer lame thing to do, but really it's been amazing!

We made a goal to read a chapter in The Book of Mormon every night no matter what. And now we're already into Alma. I don't know how many times I've read the BOM, but as always this goal has changed me. I love the Book of Mormon! It is such a blessing to have the words of the prophets of old and to be able to discuss the stories and messages with Matt. I really just can't say enough about what a miracle it is we have this record.

That being said we've had a lot of negative influences in our lives and sometimes it's hard to stay happy and optimistic and not let others get you down. A goal I made was to not spend so much time being bugged by others. Ha! So much easier said than done. However, the other night my inspired husband looked at me and said so simply, "Let's just be nice to everyone. And if they're still mean...we'll be even nicer! Because no harm can come from being nice." Wow. Is my hubby a genius or what?!? A light flipped on inside my heart when he said that.

And that's all!
It's so much simpler to just be nice to everyone instead of have all these other guidelines to follow like: If they're nice to you, be nice back. If their mean, ignore it. Don't judge. And so on. But if you throw all that away and say regardless of who it is, the situation, circumstances, etc and just be NICE.
Well!!...my life just got so much more simple.

What have you learned this summer?


  1. Wow, so eventful! I love how positive and optimistic you are, Glenna. Oh and do these Bartletts have a business out here? I recognize the name because Jake's mom is a Bartlett.. What are the odds. Oh and I have a recommendation- a few years ago Jake and I rented a tandem bike by pier 39 and rode across the Golden Gate Bridge and brought it back on a ferry! It was quite the adventure.

  2. oh, and by the way you are totally welcome to come out here and stay with us! :)