Monday, May 16, 2011

Beach bums

Matt and I have been in our new home for approximately 2 weeks and 2 days. We finally have everything in place and it's really starting to feel like home. (Sorry, no pictures due to the fact that I lost my cameras memory card after uploading pictures last time *frowny face* but I'll keep looking.) It's still surreal to be living anywhere but Utah. And it's really hit me that this is my life, this is mine and Matt's life, and if we want something bad enough...nothing can stop us. It's both scary and empowering - and if you've never typed empowering, you should, because it's very fun. The "w. e. r." just roll off each other. are some
highlights of our adventure so far:

Watching Sawyer chase bugs (snails are his specialty) and humming birds around the back patio.

Walking with the husband and soybean along the beach every morning

And laughing after Sawyer went poopy on those walks and we found ourselves without a way to clean up. So Matt, very creatively, used palm tree bark and a Sears catalog. Then as we walked away a bum says, "I've seen a lot of things...but I've never seen that before!"

Night walks and hearing the hundreds of frogs that live in the river/stream that almost surrounds our complex.

Smelling licorice every time we walk to the beach.

Our neighbor Jim bringing us cookies because we gave him flowers for helping us when we thought we lost Sawyer but really he was just trapped in the guest bathroom - Yeah, that was traumatic.

Going to a ward your husband grew up in. I never get tired of hearing about the amazing man I married and the legend he was and still is.

Sawyer slowly stalking the seagulls and then watching him pounce when they start to fly away.
(Surprisingly, he wasn't afraid of them like we thought he'd be.)

The victory of finally finding a shelf that was both strong and sturdy to go over our fireplace (I have a fireplace!!!!) It doesn't sound like a victory but when you have zero studs in the wall and you've already made a huge mess with anchors and it still wasn't sturdy...this is a big deal.

The excitement of meeting a young couple, with a puppy Sawyers same age named Mr. Mayhem (of course they got along), that are super nice and friendly.

Basically, waking up every morning and experiencing something new.


  1. sounds great! i'm jealous you're by the beach!

  2. Yeah for moving away from Utah! I love the update! Hope you guys are lovin' your new adventures!