Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the new chapter begins

Sometimes you take all your stuff and put it in boxes, and then put those boxes in a truck, and then drive that truck to an empty house and take all the boxes back out of the truck, and then take all your stuff out of the boxes.

This last Thursday we spent the entire day moving our entire apartment (minus the walls, and the floor and ceiling...and pipes and plumbing) into a truck. It was intense, especially since Matt, Zack and Chad were the only movers for all the big stuff. I was in charge of all the other smaller stuff...because I'm weak. Ha. But later in the day some more of my family came and helped with what was left, but for the majority of the time...it was us.
And we were tired.
And sweaty.
And sore.
And now, covered in bruises....and I am saying "and" way too much!

But it was a success!! And we couldn't have done it without them.
...Seriously. Like it would not have happened.

(yes that blue thing is a diaper..for accidents, which he didn't have any of, thank goodness!)

I think these pictures sum it up.

This was the first place Sawyer ever went poopy outside!
We were so excited and decided to throw away his litter box. So now he is officially and 100% a big dog that goes poop and pee outside!
Another proud moment in the Bartlett home.

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  1. Looking at all those boxes did not make me miss moving at all!!! It is hard work isn't it!? I cannot wait to see pics of the new place and to hear of your new adventures! Phone date soon? Please!?!?! Love you loads and bunches!