Thursday, July 22, 2010

families are forever and ever and ever

This picture was taken 10 days after my wedding. Little did I know, it would be the last picture I took of my little brother.
I love this photo.

This was taken on the 3rd of July. This was the last day I saw Jesse before he collapsed Wednesday morning July 7th and died at 10:58AM. He's the handsome young man on the far left with the brown hair. He was 16 years old and was such a fun and funny kid! How special I feel to call him my brother =) To have him as an example in my life. The heart disease he had is called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and a few members in my family have it, me being one of them. I've debated with myself about how much to share about the passing of my little brother, but really...I want to share what I've learned from this experience. I've learned that life gives you trials and tribulations and sometimes you don't always get good news or happily ever afters...but of everyone I've ever known, Jesse was someone who took those trials and tribulations and somehow or other he made them positive. He always said, "No regrets" and through the legacy he left behind I know when he passed, he had nothing holding him back. I love my brother Jesse so much! I love my family and if there is one thing this has reminded me, it's that every moment is precious. Every hug, every smile, every encounter, you just never know when it might be your last.

And although that may sound depressing, it wasn't suppose to be. I know that this life is not the end. I know that someday I'll be able to see Jesse face-to-face and give him the biggest hug in the world. How thankful I am for the temple and the power of temple sealings, comforting me that Jesse will always be my little brother. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in true. I know this life is not one of chance, and every decision we make is consequential, hopefully bringing us closer to our Father in Heaven.

I didn't think this blog would be ending in my testimony but...there you have it! The reason this crazy life is so worth it.

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  1. Glenna May! I love you! As you can see I am now one of your many followers! ;) This post was beautiful! I wasn't expecting it so soon but I loved it! I cannot wait to stalk your blog every day of my life! You are so wonderful! Thanks for calling me yesterday! There aren't many people I can talk to for 2 hours and 13 mins and still feel like I have loads to share! Thanks for being my cousin! I love you! I love Jesse and I love your post! Keep em coming darling! Hugs and kisses!