Thursday, June 3, 2010

Awe, BrideZilla...

OK, story time!

...It all started at our very first meeting with our Florist. I told her our colors were blue and yellow but since I don't like any blue flowers I JUST wanted sunflowers and other yellow flowers with blue ribbon...she disagreed I guess. After about 3 or 4 back and forth emails of her sending me pictures of what I hated I finally sent her
10 pictures of perfect examples of what I was looking for. Then, a week passed. 2 weeks passed...a month and a half and 5 more emails (from me with no reply) later...we finally called our wedding coordinator to see what the heck was up. She assured us our florist would contact us soon so we could finally get everything sorted out. An hour later I get a short email with a quick scribbled drawing of a countryish bouquet filled with twine and all sorts of flowers including more BLUE flowers. I had told her like 8 billion times: I DO NOT LIKE BLUE FLOWERS!!! Grrr. Anyway, more drama.
Communication stops between the florist and I, she must not understand me or we set it up so that I tell my wedding coordinator what I want and she deals with the florist. That's great and dandy until the day of bridals when our coordinator is out of town and Lora (the florist) gives us the exact bouquet I told her several times I did not like. I guess she finally understood the no blue flowers though because this time they were blueish/purple. I'll give her credit, it was pretty...just not what I paid and asked for...
Needless to say we're all meeting together on Monday to discuss this communication problem. Matt called for me and told them "We're not going to cross our fingers anymore and hope for the best" :) Sometimes they just twist your arm until you have to become BrideZilla.

The disappointing bridal bouquet...

Yeah, would you want that to be your grand bouquet? I didn't think so.

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