Wednesday, April 25, 2012

in a nut shell

Awesome things:
I co-hosted my first event! I was nervous and scared that it would turn out horribly but thank goodness for my co-hostess Gina who completely pulled off amazingness after amazingness. It would have been lame beans if I didn't have her help.

Said event was in fact a combined baby shower and I might have won a $100 gift certificate to a spa. I'm still trying to figure out how I pulled this off...I never win anything! In fact after I won the prize I looked around confused and said, "Did I cheat???" I'll try to enjoy my spa day regardless.

Matt and I have been officially called as "primary workers" which means we'll be in the nursery working with the miniature peoples. We're both happy and excited about this! It also means this is a second calling for both of us. 

This Friday my Mama is going to be staying with us until Sunday! I've been thinking so much about her lately and it will be so wonderful to see her. 

Also on Friday, there is a farewell for a family in our ward that is moving away. The woman just happens to know my grandmother and was close friends with her! I'm sad we discovered this just before they're going to leave :( But regardless, it should be a fun night filled with good food and company!

On Saturday we have a church service project and Matt gets to help cook breakfast bright and early for everyone before we get busy. Who said service wasn't fun?

Not so awesome things:
Apparently I must have been laughing super duper hard and loud last night because by the end of the baby shower my throat was sore and now my voice is all scratchy. Please don't let this be the beginning of getting sick! {On the plus side, at least Matt thinks my scratchy voice is sexy.}

Matt and I started reading Hunger Games together and it has induced more crazy intense dreams, which apparently equals a puffy eyed, achy body, exhausted girl in the morning. I think today I'll just relax, read a good book and maybe do some crafts.

Hawaii is still 7 weeks and 4 days away. Not. Soon. Enough.

Our carpeted stairs need major vacuuming and it's just difficult enough that it tends to get neglected for a few days. Our pup has been shedding like crazy and I'm starting to believe I should either put him in a plastic bubble to catch all the hair or buy one of those robots that buzz around the floor vacuuming up behind him...wonder how he'd handle that....

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  1. ha, good thing your hubby things your scratchy voice is sexy. the mister just makes fun of me. and something has definitely been going around, so here's hoping it was just the screaming!
    and yay for the $100 spa gift card. i'm in need of one right about now :)
    xo TJ