Monday, November 1, 2010

Black Friday

Awe, November 1st...

It's peaceful at the beginning of a new month isn't it? This morning I woke up with a nice kiss from my hunky hubby, looked outside and saw the beautiful leaves and the sun shining. I felt peace...

And then suddenly....wait...


A gut wrenching feeling telling me I'd forgotten something very important.

I tried to push the feeling away as I put some laundry away and tidied up a little. But from the corner of my eye, my laptop kept catching my attention...calling to me. At first I thought, blogger? Nah. I pushed it from my mind again. But sure enough a few minutes later, my laptop called to me again. Still confused I thought, facebook? Please!

Finally, after I distracted myself from the feeling as long as I could I went to my laptop.

At first I browsed the Internet haphazardly, trying to think what on Earth was this panic feeling I had...something I needed to do on the internet...something important. When finally, it hit me.

The Black Friday for students.

Aaaaah. My blood pressure spiked as I quickly fumbled to the UVU website. It was almost 11:00AM, how could I have forgotten?!?! People would have stayed up past midnight last night JUST to register as soon as possible...and me? Asleep in my bed. Well, I had to go fast to make up for lost time.

Imagining all the others who made the same mistake I did, running to their laptops...signing up for the same classes I was, taking my seat...

But what? What's happening? Sure enough the website starts lagging, affirmation of my worst fear. UVU students going crazy trying to add classes as fast as was only a matter of time before it hit overload. Finally, after a frozen page for 10 minutes I sigh from defeat and sadly close out of the web browser.

I was in shock.

What just happened?

*Sighs* Next time time.

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